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Report of the Jury 2018


The Opening Ceremony of the Biennial competition will take place
at the Lesser Poland Garden of Arts in Krakow on Tuesday September 4,  2018
Details soon!
The Biennale competition received 878 pictures from 480 participants from
Finland, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.
At its meeting on June 21, the Jury qualified 101 works for the second stage!

Regulations & Application Form

Report of the Jury 2016

Catalogue of the previous post Biennial Exhibition

Dear Friends,                  

Traditionally. at the beginning of the even year the Foundation is preparing the new edition of the International Biennial of Disabled People's Fine Arts announcing the news around: this event is still alive!

14 past editions showed the great popularity among disabled authors both in Poland, and abroad. Each time a few hundred artists from Europe, not to say such far countries, as Colombia, Peru and Thailand have sent their works to the competition. For example in 2000, 660 authors sent almost 1200 works!

We are inviting cordially to participate at this year Biennial competition.

You find all details in the attached appendix and regulations.

We wish all of you good luck in the artistic activity and creative invention, but first of all the happiness and health in personal life.

On behalf of the Foundation your sincerely

Helena Maślana- the Chairman

Kraków, February 2018

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