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The Lifeline Foundation(Linia Zycia)

was started in 1991 (Regon 012087598, NIP 526-21-49-875) their funds come from voluntary donations.  The method of parenteral nutrition was first introduced to Poland in 1985 at the Clinic of Gastroenterologic Surgery and Nutrition led by Bruno Szczygla in Warsaw on Banacha 1 street.

Parenteral Nutriton saves lives of many, which with out it would die of starvation.

For people who live with this method, for their families, and people who came in contact with it; it is extremely important to seek resources to further develop and improve the process.


Goals of the foundation:

·        support the individuals in Poland who are in need of this treatment due to different illnesses that cause them not to be able to consume food in the natural way

·        obtaining the appropriate medical equipment that is necessary for parenteral nutrition

·        providing special support to those who are in need of parenteral nutrition


The foundation is ran from home by parenteral nutrition patients:

Chairman – Krystyna Matusiak

    Vice Chairman – Zbigniew Kutrzebka              E-mail:

              Treasurer – Malgorzata Lewandowska-Fared   E-mail:

Secretary – Karol Szulim                                               E-mail:


We hope that this information about the Lifeline Foundation (Linia Zycia), it’s goals and dedication to those who are very ill and their families will allow you to join us in supporting this worthy cause.

Lifeline Foundation (founded on 07/06/03)


Mailing address:

Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Kliniczny

Im. prof. W. Orlowskiego CMKP


Ul. Czerniakowska 231

Warszawa 00-416


Foundations bank account


PKO B.P. SA IX o/Warszawa

75  1020  1097  0000  7302   0086   8778


              We want to sincerely thank you in advance for any donations.