„CROSS” Association


Physical Education, Sports and Tourism Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted "CROSS" is the chief organizer of XI Chess Olympiad for the Blind.

         The Association was formed in 1992. Piotr Dukaczewski is the president. The activity of the Association is widespread throughout the country; it has 29 clubs in different regions of Poland.

         The sport which is dealt with by the Association on the most advanced and professional level is chess-playing. Blind and partially sighted chess-players can be proud of the greatest achievements on an international scale.

         The other sport that is dealt with on an advanced level is tandem cycling. The number of competitors going in for these sports is regularly increasing every year. Long-distance running is also one of the most important sports for the Association.

         More and more new sports are promoted and developed by the Association, e.g. skiing, canoeing, skittles, sport bridge, 100-square draughts. The Association organizes trainings in the scope of all these sports, as well as national games and even national championships. Chess and tandem cycling national teams are formed every year.

         Tourism is one of the most favourite occupations among blind and partially sighted members of our Association. They like lowland and mountain hiking, water sports (canoeing and sailing), and cycling.

         Work with children and youth is a very important part of the activity. The Association organizes such track and field events for them as indoor light athletics competitions, cross-country running, and also chess competitions and sports camps (light athletics, swimming, skiing, chess-playing, etc.). The Association also organizes tourist events for them (canoeing trips, sailing, and mountain hiking).

         The Association is experienced at organizing international competitions. In 1994 II World Chess Cup for the Blind, and in 1999 - II European Championships for Blind Chess-players were held in Poland. Accounting for our achievements, we are sure that we will be able to provide a good service during XI Chess Olympiad for the Blind. We are also sure that the participants of the Olympiad, apart from their sport achievements, will leave our country with many pleasant memories.