Retina Europe/International Youth

EU Youth Programme Workshop

Date:         Fri 2nd & Sat 3rd July 2004

Location: Hotel van Oranje, Noordwijk



Moderator:    Neinke Dykstra


Present:          Brynjulv Norheim – Norway

                        Orli Shaki – UK

                        Chloe Scaplehorn – UK         

                        Ian – UK

                        Mathias Hunglund – Sweden

Kristin Sandvik– Sweden

Asa Gunnarsdotter – Sweden

                        Mike Debiec – Poland

                        Jaqueline van der Wiel – The Netherlands

                        Muriel Stokhuyzen– The Netherlands

                        Nathalie van der Wiel – The Netherlands

                        Baastian  Kieftenbeld– The Netherlands

                        Sunnette Hearn– South Africa

                        Shannon Cousins – South Africa

                        Carmen Summersgill – South Africa

                        Nikki de Kock – South Africa

                        Reto Hotz – Switzerland

                        Nikola Verhalen – Germany

                        Markus Georg – Germany

                        Noreen Power-Waldron – Ireland

                        Dave Waldron – Ireland

                        Pekka Veli-Rantanen – Finland


EU Cross Border Programme:

Main aims:        To stimulate active enjoyment in the community

                        An opportunity for informal learning

                        An opportunity to meet people from other countries and cultures

                        To bring young people in the EU closer together


N Dykstra reported that there are 3 actions under the EU Cross Border Programme

Action 1:         Youth Exchange – from one country to another.

Action 2:         Volunteer School – where an individual visits another country to work in the voluntary sector.  The EU covers the cost of travel, accommodation and pays an allowance.

Action 3:         Group Initiative – aids the organization of a special event within a city/region that would help bring people together.


What would the Youth Group like to do?

A youth group get-together of 5 days or for a long weekend with the following ideas:

Activities:         Sightseeing/experiencing new places, culture.

                        Trying new sports; sports for the visually impaired, e.g. Goal Ball, table tennis (with bells in the ball), 10 pin bowling



Education:        An opportunity to share experiences

                        Talks on counselling, coping with life and controlling emotion/stress

                        Advice on how to express oneself in school/work and in daily life

                        Support & advice on improving quality of life – access & mobility skills

                        Advice on career choices and relationships

                        Advice on services available – there is a large difference from country to country. 


Entertainment: Concert or party night

                        Painting with hands/body




N Dykstra advised the group that “Action 1 – Youth Exchange” was the best approach to suit their needs.  In the case of more than two countries the host organization must source the funds from their own EU office.  The best countries for this approach are The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Finland.  The event must be based around a theme and be one to three weeks in duration. 


Sweden and Poland were put forward as venues for the next meeting.  Sweden was selected by a vote.


Suggested activities for Sweden and people responsible:

·        Goal Ball – Baastian (on the Dutch National Goal Ball team).

·        Advice on Communication/Body Language – M Debiec.

·        Cultural tours – Orli and the Swedes.

·        Party Night – The Swedes

·        Horse-riding – Caisa Ramshage’s name was suggested.

·        Holistic Therapy – N Power-Waldron could do a piece on stress relief, massage & relaxation

·        Sharing Experiences – N Power-Waldron with assistance from others.  Pro-Retina Germany has had workshops in this area recently.


M Debiec stated that it is important at an early stage to have the commitment of those who intend to attend.  D Waldron emphasized the need to stay in touch.


N Dykstra closed the session by asking everyone to put forward a single word that was important to them:

“Togetherness, sharing, joy, challenge, fun, laughter, new-people, sunshine, company, discussions, party, food”.









Afterwards the official REY Youth Meeting was held


Markus Georg retired as chairman of REY.


As new chairman Mike Debiec (Poland) was elected.

Deputy chairs are Noreen Power-Waldron (Ireland) and Jacqueline van der Wiel (The Netherlands).


It was agreed that the next international youth meeting will be organised 2005 in Sweden.