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Short story of REY

REY (Retina Europe Youth) is an organisation, which was create in Athens in 2000 (at the beginining of November). We meet eachother in this beautiful city to talk about our cooperation, our plans and to build data base of young people with retinal degenerations. Effect of this work is REY.

We are very proud that we were able to create such a good principles of cooperation and contact. Now every person under 35 years old, which hes retinal diseases, can find many informations about us on this page and take part in cooperation between countries.

Meeting in Athens had an organising character. We chose Chairman of REY- Markus Georg (Germany) and Secretary of REY - Veli-Pekka Rantanen (Finland). We discussed about people exchange, making our life easier and about treatment in RP's case.

List of our "well- done" projects is rather large at the time. We still increasing...

In the future we wan't to meet eachother for fun and for being with persons similar to us. We hope you enjoy our goals, take part in work for others and we expect you'll be with us in Warsaw 2001.

Michal Debiec

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